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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CPUV (BE) Nuffnang - Wolkswagen Think Blue

CPUV (BE) Nuffnang - Wolkswagen Think Blue
Syukur ! selepas CPUV (BE) Silenceblogz "Coke Ramadhan 2013" dan KL Sogo Raya 2013 Online baru-baru ini kini  Wolkswagen Think Blue mendominasi carta On Going hari ini. Thanks to Nuffnang !

Think Blue.

National Challenge 2013

Become Malaysia's first Think Blue. fuel-efficient champion.
For the first time ever, Malaysia is participating in the Think Blue. World Championship 2013 in Germany.
But first, we're searching for one Malaysian to represent Malaysia in the Think Blue. World Championship 2013 to make our country proud!
Is your knowledge on fuel-efficiency second to none? Start your engines with Think Blue!

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  1. uish.. apakah ini bro?? tak nak lah fikir blue.hahahaha

  2. amboi... makin mencurah-curah rezeki... bila nak blanjer bukak posa ni????

  3. Tahniah. Saya belum pernah dapat be

  4. banyaknye cpuv dia...nak skit..hehehe

  5. haissyyyy,, sje je nak buat muja jelez,, grrr

  6. tahniah.. boleh buat belanja raya :)


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