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Friday, February 10, 2012

Info Kelentit Kering - Microparus Xanthopus (sensor)

Info minda : 
Microparus Xanthopus or in Malay called "Kelentit Kering"

Microporus xanthopus is a tropical species, found on rotting wood and is common from the Australasian, Asian and African tropics, but is absent from the American tropics. 

Microporus xanthopus (pronunciation:  Micro-poor-uss zan-though-puss) has a common name of Yellow-footed Tinypore.

The initial stage of the fruiting body is simply a white fleck on the wood surface. This enlarges into a hemispherical cushion up to a millimeter wide, and elongates to develop the stem.   A wider basal disc, generally called a 'foot' develops, and is often a yellowish colour, hence the name. A funnel-shaped cap (or pileus) expands from the apex of the stem.

Funnel-shaped caps of mature fruiting bodies are thin (1mm to 3mm thickness) and are concentrically zoned in various shades of brown, usually with a pale margin which is sometimes wavy.  The cap can be up to 150mm wide. Caps can hold water.

The fertile under-surface of the cap is white to dull yellow, with  minute pores (8 to 10 per millimeter) and can extend down the stem (decurrent).

The central or off-centre stem can be up to 40mm long and 5mm wide, expanding at the top.


Info Kelentit Kering
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