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Friday, February 03, 2012

Selepas 125 tahun fomula COKE terbongkar - BerAlkohol

KUALA LUMPUR: Coca-Cola has no alcohol in it, said the firm's manufacturer in Malaysia as it rubbished reports that the secret of the way it is prepared is out.

Coca-Cola Malaysia's public affairs and communications director Kadri Taib said alcohol was not an ingredient and no fermentation took place during the manufacture of the drink.

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"The precise formulation of the drink is our company's most valuable trade secret.

"The ingredients and manufacturing process are rigorously regulated by government and health authorities in more than 200 countries, including Malaysia, which have consistently recognised the beverage as a non-alcoholic product," he said.

The clarification about alcohol is essential for the beverage manufacturer in the Muslim majority nation since Islam forbids it.

A weekly radio programme, This American Life, said it had discovered the formula from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
The article featured a photograph of a notebook with a handwritten list of ingredients allegedly needed to make the famous drink.

Ingredients included lime juice, vanilla, caramel, various types of fruit-derived oils, nutmeg and alcohol. The programme claimed the notebook originally belonged to a friend of John Pemberton, the pharmacist who created Coca-Cola in 1886.

Kadri said "This American Life" had many times tried to crack the secret recipe but failed, New Straits Times reported Thursday.
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  1. Tak taulah sejauh mn kebenarannya... dlm paper dia menafikan spt keratan akhbar news strait time tu.. ada pic dia tp x dpt upload guna mobile... kat gmbar tu katanya ada sicret bahan dia alkohol 0.8oz.. entah lah... just share je...

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