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Friday, November 30, 2012
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  1. Graceful couplet chases after PK of A dark accept 34 28 balls kill astral Europe coronal 8 balls make the same score Mei Xi C collect
    Boduoersiji has expressed innocently today summer turn meeting, ji Lu also has confidence to present a better performance for Asenna in next sports season, and compare with them, other the destiny of forward of dark accept of a few A is a lot of more agonized, bentena, consult the person such as mark today Xia Hui is hanged out his shingle actively to sell by Wen Ge, and plan about the professor today summer buy which outstanding archer, before this a lot of media mentioned the name of the person such as Yaoweidiji, Adelian, Biliya. In addition be in yesterday " daily Post " still have divulge, at present of horse of Er of Yi of Turkey nation base becomes Wen Ge newest attention target.
    Sports season is the Yiermaciben that is 27 years old to Jialadasalei and total of Turkey nation group come on the stage 34 times and infiltrate 28 balls, and in the Ou Guan match with top level, yiermaci infiltrates 8 balls, this lets him follow C collect, Mei Xi to keep balance on a list of names posted up of Europe coronal archer and paratactic a list of names posted up head. Tomorrow before dawn, he will give [url=]nike free run 2[/url] battle to be opposite with heart collect Ba Lianmei the 1/4 of an emperor horse finals head bout, and Luo Zeyu of C of star of emperor horse number one expressed a few days ago, he very admire Yiermaci, c collect says: "Yiermaci is behaved on Europe coronal competition ground exceed assist, because this match infiltrates,8 balls are very difficult. Because this match infiltrates,8 balls are very difficult..
    Be in as Yiermaci this sports season performance is outstanding, he is passed to become a lot of rich and powerful family today summer harvest buys an end, party A face has emperor horse on the west, ying Chao has Asenna, graceful couplet and Liverpudlian, and added Lei Zhushuai of the Sa that pull a tower a few days ago Telimu has admit, he feels Yiermaci is very possible today summerly additional Pan Gaozhi. Telimu says: "Want tarry he is very difficult, he has his cause, this will depend on he makes what kind of decision. Be being paid close attention to to be opposite by rich and powerful family is a favour him, we like him very much, and believe he can continue to make contribution for the club in future. And believe he can continue to make contribution for the club in future..
    Ceng Zhi has taught Telimu AC Milan, he holds the position of red black army group advocate Shuai Shi, shefuqinke ever was in this team effectiveness, and look in Telimu, ball Aeolus of Yiermaci is like Wu Kelan's giant star. Telimu continues say: "His standard with Shefuqinke is same, having very intense longing to scoring a goal. He exceeds to the football have glow, this is very important, I think he is becoming better more nowadays. " if Yi Er horse thises today summer turn meeting, so how many mud is his social status about? " daily Post " the view is, want him player only determination drop out, add estimation of thunder of the Sa that pull a tower to won't set too large block, if any clubs take out 10 million pound collect of at present of horse of Er of hopeful general Yi. (Nasili)
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