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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple SEO H1 Tag - Tips

Simple SEO H1 Tag Tips

Assalamualaikum.. Evening and Happy weekend to all my buddies, Last time SilenceBlogz had shared about What is SEO - Blogger definitions. Today we talk about Simple SEO H1 Tag - Tips or Basic of SEO in the world of blogging. Now What is SEO H1 tag and why H1 is most important thing in every blog posting?

Simple SEO H1 Tag - Tips
In the world we live in today one of the most useful things that were developed was the internet. Through the internet or the World Wide Web people can cross virtual bridges to reach other people even from different countries or continents. The cyberspace has been one of the most popular tools in humankind in today’s digital age. Companies invest millions just to have a great working site that is properly optimized by SEO’s. SEO’s or search engine optimizers are people who are experts in the field of web promotion or web advertising. Each search engine optimizer has a wide variety of techniques or skills in how they optimize a web page. One of the tricks is through the use of h1 tag.

What is an H1 tag?
If you ever wondered what is an H1 tag the answer is this in the word of search engine optimization. The H1 tag is one of the most important things to keep in mind because it is associated to the body of the web page. It is generally one of them most important parts of a web page because it can be used as a anchor text and title tag that can help increase the website inflow of traffic for it increases the numbers of tags that can be hit by crawlers or bots of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

History of Use of The H1 Tag
Through the years the use of h1 tags has not really change that much. The rules though have changed in the last few years because of the high demands for proper web page ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. H1 tags are closely watched because they have a higher value than that of keyword Meta tags and description Meta tags. SEO Experts believe that h1 tags should be best positioned on the headers above the content of the site and links or HREF links should be excluded from the site. The biggest problem when including HREF tags on h1 tags search engines think that the page that was linked to the h1 tag is much more important or significant to the site rather than the main site that should be viewed.

Are H1’s Important?
Web search engines usually use heading as the basis of their bots. The h1 tag signifies that it is an important part of the site therefore making it fairly visible as a resource for the keyword that was used.

Note : SilenceBlogz is not SEO experts, just to share our collective knowledge for the goodness in the world of blogging. safely write quality articles to always have a place in google search.


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  1. even i am an english teacher,, kalau baca english entry ni,, aduss,, still pening,, hehehe

  2. Oh my English...but anyway nice artikel walaupun aku tak berapa nak terror bab2 english ni. Tapi still faham ler juga sikit2...

  3. huhuhu... tips berguna..:) anyway.. selamt ulang tahun silenceblogz.:)

  4. terima kasih bro , memang sangat berkesan...sekarang sudah berada pada muka hadapan tapi belum berada pada tangga pertama lagi, adeh

  5. hehe ingatkan salah masuk blog tadi...apa2 pun nice info...lepas ni kasi tutorial sikit bro camne nak ngeadjust H1 tu...

  6. terpaksa letak kamus kat tepi semak satu2 :P haha.. good info potia. sangat berguna pada yang kurang tahu tentang SEO macam aida. hehe.

  7. sudilah kiranya blog ini gua letakkan di bloglist gua

  8. Tips yang baik untuk tingkatkan SEO blog..perkongsian yang baik :)

  9. SEOmoz menyatakan H1 tag memang penting tetapi ketekanan keyword pada H1 tag tidaklah sekuat yang kita sangkakan.

    Cuma kurang daripada 1%. Tetapi, SEOmoz tetap juga menggunakan H1 tag pada tajuk entri :)

    Kalau dalama entri saya fikir lebih baik kita guna H2, H3 seterusnya H tag ke atas :D

    Walau apapun terima kasih atas entrinya saya memang suka bab SEO ni.

    Dan tidak lupa juga salam perkenalan dari saya, Danial ^_^

  10. aku nak komen pun aku tak reti sangat bab2 seo ni.. tapi yang aku tau H1 tu memang sangat2 penting..hehehe..tu je yang aku boleh rumuskan. sekian.hahaha



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